For Youth. By Youth.
Under 21? Looking for a Safe Space? Want to meet new people or just hang out?
The Agenda Youth Group is a youth group dedicated to promoting a safe space, discussing prevelant LGBTQ+ issues and promoting responsibility and a shared sense of community among youth. Anyone of any sexual or romantic orientation or gender identity is welcome to check it out or join!

2016 Homeless Youth Camp

Each year Build Our Center and Nevada Youth Empowerment Project partner to organize the Homeless Youth Point in Time count. We could not have done it without the incredible support from our community. We utilized over 75 Volunteers, clocked more than 425 volunteer service hours. We raised over $6k in incentives and partnered with more than 20 agencies and 40 businesses who were awesome. We also started an emergency fund. As a result, there are serious talks happening about opening a Young Adult Shelter. If you want to get involved with our project, reach out. These kids need and appreciate the support!

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